Thursday, July 29, 2010

High school yoga lesson: Set goals

I officially love doing yoga with high school students. Teenagers can be so smart and I’ve been learning a lot from them.

The other day before class, one of the kids was talking about his life goals. He talked about how his main goal is to live a good and fulfilling life. In order to achieve this, he has many goals underneath that: graduate from high school, get a better GPA, go to trade school.

Then he said:

“It’s good to set goals. Better to write them down. Even better to write them down with detail.”

Yes! If we want to accomplish something, writing it down makes it much more likely that we will actually do it.

I’m wondering if there are yoga teachers out there who incorporate goal setting into their classes? I’ve always liked it when teachers start a class with the opportunity to silently set an “intention” for the practice, but what about writing down these goals/intentions (and maybe sticking them under the mat during the practice)?

Similarly, what about doctors having their patients write out their health goals (in detail)? It would be like writing a personal mission statement, only this would be more like a "personal health statement."


  1. haven't tried it but I love it! will let you know!

  2. That all makes superb good sense! Setting detailed goals down in writing is the fastest way to improve one's life.