Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What are we imprinting?

I went to a great workshop with John Campbell this past weekend. I’ll try to post more about some of the things he talked about, but one idea that I especially liked was how he said that yoga is the active creation of the person you want to become.

The yoga practice actually helps “lay down an impression.” It changes how we think, how we feel, what we do, how we see ourselves. We can then choose the content we want to imprint on our lives. We can control our thoughts and actions. We can determine who we are and who we become.

(Speaking of imprinting: I need to stop imprinting this millet muffin addiction that I’ve developed... must stop buying them at the hospital every day!)

Thank goodness we are not static and unchanging beings! This seems especially important for physicians and teachers to remember: one can always create new habits, new actions, new thought patterns, new relationships, and new selves of one’s self.

P.S. Check out this picture of John Campbell with Sharath... whoa.


  1. Yes, I am a complete believer that we can re-generate, change, it just takes time for the new imprints to set in though, I was just thinking that this morning, since I started practicing my life has gotten a lot better, but slowly... in slow increments... and nothing better to counter the anxiety of going slow than your past post by the way.... been switching from the macro to the micro in practice today and it works! :-)

  2. Hey Claudia!

    Yes you are right - it does take time and patience - so important to remember otherwise it's easy to get frustrated.

    So glad the micro/macro thing is helping you!

  3. This is so full of good news. I'm so glad you say you will share more!

  4. Hi fft! thanks for your comment and ps I'm loving your blog.

    Kim! Oh my... ok millet muffins:


    We will get you one when you come visit philly :)