Wednesday, July 21, 2010

High school yoga lesson: Get out of your comfort zone

A local high school started yoga as a daily part of their summer school program so I’ve been teaching there a couple mornings a week. I never expect too many kids to actually show up but they’ve been slowly trickling in.

Before class yesterday, one of the students was talking about how he’s been trying to get out of his comfort zone more often. He said:
“When you only do what is comfortable, your comfort zone stays small. But when you widen it by doing things you’re not comfortable with, more opportunities become available to you.”
He had perfectly put into words one of the main reasons why I love the ashtanga mysore practice. It makes us push our physical and mental boundaries every morning. When things start getting too comfortable, we get something new to work on (jumpbacks, handstands, more backbends, a new pose). This practice of getting comfortable with the uncomfortable then bleeds into other areas of our life creating more opportunities for ourselves.


  1. "The practice of getting comfortable with the uncomfortable" YES! And what a gift it is to delight in what mere months ago gave us anxiety. I have to include this as best of quotes as I update my blog entry for today...And I've been reading blogs since 9 AM!

  2. beautiful yoga teaching, student/teacher story! we learn while we teach,,,they teach while they learn...

  3. I love what your student said!! Thank you for sharing.