Saturday, January 9, 2010

Research update: Month 3

  • Accomplishment of the week: Submitted one of the three grant proposals for the telomere study. 
  • Next on to-do list: Submit the two other grant proposals and write yoga study protocol for IRB approval. 
  • When I feel pessimistic about actually being awarded one of these grants, I think of my mentor telling me “If you don’t apply, your chance of getting it is 0%.” 
  • I really like my Fridays with the oncologist in the breast cancer clinic. I’ve met some amazing patients. Beautiful, strong women. And incredibly devoted husbands, friends, and family members. I like watching the oncologist work. I like seeing his responses to various questions (and in my head, comparing them to what I would say): When can I dye my hair? When can I start exercising? What can I do about my fingernails? Should I change my diet to improve my bone density? Yesterday he even recommended Epsom salt baths for a patient with fingernail infections (chemo can make the skin under the nail bed slough off which predisposes it to infection). I do wish there was more talk about diet and exercise. They have “nutrition after breast cancer” discussions for patients – I’m really curious to go to one of these and see what they say. 
  • One of the best parts of this research year is having relative autonomy to make my own schedule. When else in my life will I be able to indulge in a two and a half hour yoga practice every morning?! This will probably never happen again except on vacation (if pre any potential babies) or retirement. But I have to say, the workshop last weekend and practice every day this week has really wiped me out (so glad to have a rest day today). My sacroiliac joints are especially feeling it… I must be careful with these! 
  • A bunch of Ashtangi friends are in India right now and I’m feeling the itch to go back… 


  1. Christina! Katherine Shriver told me about your work. I work with Dr. Mao also on the reiki volunteer program at the cancer center. I am also a local Ashtangi! Studied for a long time with Zoe Mai.... I'm also at Penn on Fridays giving reiki to the cancer patients. Maybe we can meet up? Will you be at the next IOWG meeting on the 25th?
    I'd love to hear about your work! Best, Kim

  2. Hi Kim! Great to hear from you and looking forward to meeting you! Yes, I will be at that meeting on the 25th -- see you then if not before!