Saturday, January 23, 2010

Exciting collaboration

We had a very exciting meeting with a basic scientist yesterday who knows a lot about telomeres and telomerase and wants to do more clinical studies… a perfect collaboration!

One thing I admired about this scientist was his curiosity – and willingness to experiment on HIMSELF! He was going to have his wife draw his blood every few hours so he could test one of his questions... I love it!

I get frustrated and discouraged with all of the time and effort that goes into actually getting a clinical study done: the grant writing, waiting, IRB approval, waiting, subject recruitment, waiting, and on and on. I am attracted to the simplicity of experimenting on oneself for certain questions (but of course, not every question could be answered this way).


  1. Self-experimentation is fascinating. One of my favorite blogs is that by Seth Roberts, whose self-experimentation was discussed in his book, The Shangri-La Diet.

  2. Thanks, Jim! I will check out that blog!