Monday, January 18, 2010

Hard practice

It was a hard practice today. I was distracted, my eyes were wandering, and my foot ached. I felt impatient, tired, sore, and bored. (And I think I may have irritated a little intercostal muscle in kapotasana… ugh!)

I thought a run might help clear my head and re-energize. But my running mind was stuck on how de-conditioned I have gotten over the past few winter months (trying to keep it more of an observation rather than self-criticism). You would think doing yoga every day would help keep me in shape for running… but they are so different!


  1. It could be the flexibility -rather than lack of conditioning - that is making it tougher for you to run! Check it out:

    The claim is that the less flexible your hamstrings are, the greater your running economy. (The referenced study used only 4 men and 4 women, but I saw another study on PubMed with 27 men, showing the same results.)