Thursday, December 10, 2009


Yoga Sutra II:30 --

Non-violence, truth, abstention from stealing, continence, and absence of greed for possessions beyond one’s need are the five pillars of yama. 

“In the effort of accumulating material possessions and wealth, in protecting the acquired, in their decline, in the latent impressions they leave on the mind, and in the unavoidable harm caused to other living beings – in all these there lies unhappiness. Thus the yogi practices nonacquisitiveness.” ~Vyasa commentary

“A mind with desires does not ignite and glow, nor does it generate light and warmth when touched with the fire of knowledge.” ~Iyengar

So… I’m working on nonacquisitiveness towards my practice. Today I spent most of my time inverted in shoulderstand and headstand, then sat in bada konasana against the wall and breathed… for a long, long time.

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