Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ahimsa and my pulled muscle

Ahimsa is the first of the yamas (the 1st limb of Ashtanga’s 8 limbs). Ahimsa means non-violence. Non-violence towards other beings, and non-violence towards ourselves.

For me, ahimsa often means doing less. In my practice, it means taking some days off from the physical practice and taking some days for less asana and more breathing. In my life outside of practice, it means saying no to things and protecting my time. It applies to my internal thoughts, my actions, how I eat, the footprint I leave on the earth, etc.

And I can no longer ignore that it applies to my pulled serratus (maybe intercostal?) muscle. I think I overdid my jump-backs and now my right ribcage is terribly painful with almost every movement. Practicing through the pain has not been helping, so I have to rest.

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  1. guruji says take rest. it's good you're resting. all part of the practice.