Thursday, December 3, 2009

Heat your body once per day

I did a little experiment on myself  and found that my body temperature rises about 2 degrees Fahrenheit during my morning practice (today it went from 97.7 before practice --> 99.6 in the middle, though I haven’t been able to measure it at my peak so it may rise even more than that). This isn’t really surprising, as it’s already known that exercise increases core body temperature (and your body compensates by sweating to protect you from getting heat stroke), but I like seeing actual proof of my temperature elevation.

Pattabhi Jois said to heat your body only once per day. This is based on thousands of years of yogic study and observation. I wonder what measurable effects this has on the body -- Does it alter immune function? Does it alter our levels of inflammation? Does it reverse oxidative damage in cells? Does it help maintain telomere length? We know that exercisers have longer telomeres compared with non-exercisers, but we don’t know exactly how this happens. I wonder if it could be related to the frequent rise in core body temperature and the physiologic effects this has on cells.

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