Thursday, November 11, 2010

What are you learning?!

“Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it.” ~ Plato
Still sore… and thinking how Plato would have liked the Ashtanga yoga practice.

I’m doing the same asana practice that I’ve been doing for years, but there’s something about working with David Keil this week that’s bringing it to a new level. This is why I love having many different yoga teachers: tiny tweaks can change everything.

A few things David K has brought to my attention this week:
  • Keeping my mouth closed throughout entire practice (I thought I had been doing this but now realize I haven’t)
  • Focusing on hamstrings in the standing foundation poses (my tight hamstrings have led to some recent back pain)
  • Using my fingertips in nakrasana (This pose is so hard for me! See below)
  • Doing handstands immediately after backbends (and starting to think about going from handstand to backbend and back up to standing) 
Any other Y2 people reading this: please share what you're learning! One downside to this mysore-style practice is that I can’t hear everything the teacher tells other people!


  1. Hi Christina thanks for linking to David's blog and telling about the workshop, so interesting the thing about keeping the mouth shut, I am wondering now if I do or if I don't ... and yes, so true, i also wish I could hear all conversations, maybe when we get to 6th series we will have that sidhi or special power ! ;-)

  2. David K lets other people do what they can to bring forth their talents:
    - let Craig led the chant
    - laughed when I said that in Marichysana 'C' I need to say internally to myself the 23rd Psalm (The lord is my shepherd, I shall not want...) to be able to deal with the pose
    - let me adjust Maria
    and especially learn to both slow down and speed up to progress

  3. Thank you, Adam, yes! I can't believe I missed craig leading the chant, seriously?!!! I did see you adjust Maria though :)

  4. I haven't heard many instructions to other students either. Maybe DK is much quieter than other teachers? Or maybe I tuned it out somehow.

    I did not see Adam adjust Maria. Is there video footage? Someone should splice that together with Adam in Mari C with a voice-over of him chanting the Psalm 23.

  5. David always teaches me to let go. This is my third time working with him, and each time I get closer to just releasing _______ (whatever I am holding on too tightly to). I take the practice less seriously when he is teaching us, and somehow I become more devoted to it. Especially these days, when I have pledged to significantly modify the practice as we try to create life, I feel so lucky to be practicing in the midst of his calm.

  6. thank you for publishing, for me who is practicing alone most of the time, read about yoga is good

  7. Christina, I believe I may have my opening prayer chant taped.