Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Laughter yoga

I had almost forgotten about the laughter-yoga class I took in India a few years ago until I came across an article about this growing practice in the latest Time magazine.

Apparently there are more than 400 laughter yoga clubs in the US!

What is laughter yoga?
  • Laughing exercises
  • Breathing exercises
  • “Fake it till you make it.” (Fake laughter with other people turns into real laughter)
  • No jokes needed 
Here is a short video on the STEPS!
There have been no peer-reviewed studies of laughter yoga, but many people including cancer patients and prisoners are now trying it out.

And check out this short CBS clip about it.

Anyone know of anyone doing this in the Philly area?! 


  1. Yes this is great stuff.
    And wonders of wonders who do you know that is a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader? Could it be that guy who often cracks up in ashtanga class.
    Why yes it is. Me.
    Ok ok I will talk to Karen at Y2 about me teaching one of these classes btwn Oct 15-Dec 15.
    Ha Ha ho ho ho

  2. Hi Christina! There was an article about this in a recent New Yorker too. It's not available online, but I'll save my copy for you.

  3. Hey Leslie - it's funny you say that cause I think Josh actually sent out the link for reading for our next book club!!!

    Adam, please do this... I love this idea.

  4. Every life could use more laughter! I love when yoga transforms from what we 'think' it is, into a beautiful expression like laughter! Thanks for sharing!

  5. In my studio, we always have to smile when we are in full locust. Well, I shouldn't say "have to", it is quite infectious. I find in certain poses, like locust, standing bow, and even crow, a big grin makes the pose easier.