Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bill Clinton's new diet

Last night, Bill Clinton talked with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer about his new plant-based (basically vegan) diet:

"I went on essentially a plant-based diet. I live on beans, legumes, vegetables, fruit, I drink a protein supplemement every morning. No dairy. I drink amond milk mixed in with fruit and protein powder, so I get my protein in when I start the day out. It changed my whole metabolism, and I lost 24 pounds. I got back to basically what I weighed in high school."
After having heart surgery and having his stents re-clog because of his high cholesterol levels, he started doing his own research (including work done by Dr. Cladwell Esselstyn at the Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Dean Ornish at the Preventive Medicine Research Institute, and Dr. Colin Campbell author of The China Study). 

Clinton learned that 82% of people who go on a plant-based diet (no dairy or meat of any kind) can heal themselves and clear up their arterial blockage.
“We now have 25 years of evidence, and so I thought, well, since I need to lose a little weight for Chelsea’s wedding, I’ll become part of this experiment. I’ll see if I can be one of those who can have a self-clearing mechanism. We’ll see.” 
This is huge to have someone like Bill Clinton being an advocate for a plant-based diet! (I'm wondering if he’s tried yoga yet?!)


  1. How about that? I hope you also saw the article about 2 MDs prescribing food as healing in today's nytimes dinning section. I mentioned you on my blog today. I'm hoping you and the younger Dr. connect and start a movement! Your seasonal sidebar gadget is very cool by the way.

  2. Hey five foot two!
    I DID see that article in the NYT - how great! Who is the younger Dr. you are talking about?? And tell me more about your students (are they in med school now?)

  3. Dr. Maring's son Ben! The article says he's a 4th year med student at NYU. He is a trained chef and his program is called CHEF, an acronym for cook healthy easy food.
    My first "batch" of first graders would be finishing grad school next year(if any of them went for it).

  4. Wow, I'll have to find a way to connect with him (I love the idea of CHEF)!

  5. he looked great for his daughter's wedding