Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Getting entatic

Here’s a new word for you:

Entasy: An introverted and reflexive flow of consciousness.
In everyday experiences consciousness adverts towards the world. It is extrovertive and projects outward toward sensory objects. Entasy, in contrast, denotes an introverted and reflexive flow of consciousness. The yogin’s awareness turns back upon itself and reflects upon its own nature. Entasy is also a useful term because it contrasts with the feelings of excitement associated with being ‘in ecstasy.’ 
(excerpt on entasy from an essay on Samkhya philosophy during Richard Freeman’s Teacher Intensive
Entasy is the opposite of ectasy, which literally means “standing outside oneself.”

In the science world, when an atom or group of atoms is an entatic state, it means that it is in a geometric or electronic condition adapted for function.

If we apply this to humans, an entatic state would mean a state in which the mind is shaped and prepared for function.

The practice of yoga and meditation helps cultivate this entatic state by helping us identify our mental chatter, negative automatic thought patterns, illusions, distractions, and more. We then gain more control over our thoughts and become better prepared for general life functioning.

(And now I'm off for some entasy in my first ever Iyengar class in Philly!)

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