Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Radiant tranquility

One of my favorite Richard-isms of the day:

In meditation, “you want the alertness of having just had a triple espresso, with the absolute calmness of deep sleep. A radiant tranquility.”

I'm nowhere close to this but I think I can imagine it in theory! And I'm realizing that sitting meditation is a great place to practice this frame of mind so that we have it when we really need it (like during arguments with loved ones, being stuck in traffic, frantically working on a deadline for work, juggling multiple tasks and responsibilities, illness, etc).

I've also been thinking about my friends from medical school who started their intern year in the hospital this week (which I’ll be doing a year from now). Being able to work with radiant tranquility would really come in handy.


  1. Old Zen story:
    Student'Please write for me something of great wisdom.'
    Master Ichu wrote one word: 'Attention.'
    Student'Is that all you got?'
    Master wrote: 'Attention. Attention.'
    Student irritable'That doesn't seem profound.'
    Master Ichu then writes: 'Attention. Attention. Attention.'
    Student frustrated'What does this word attention mean?'
    Master Ichu'Attention means attention.'