Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Practicing death

At the end of the practice today, as we were moving towards savasana, Mary talked about how Plato wrote that “We should all be practicing death more often.” So that we can be conscious of our last breath.

I never thought about it in this way before, but this is what we are doing every day at the end of practice. As we take savasana (corpse pose), we are practicing death.


  1. Life is swept along,
    next-to-nothing its span.
    For one swept to old age
    no shelters exist.
    Perceiving this danger in death,
    one should drop the world's bait
    and look for peace.

  2. I'm tempted to quote some Slayer lyrics here, but you would likely PERMA-BAN me from all future comments if I did!

  3. Nice Adam, I like that.

    Josh, slayers lyrics are ok... but pictures of portal would get you banned

  4. Near death in Savasana this morning (I know it's a moon day, but I did "Long, Deep, Slow" w/ Bryan Kest - he he) and then I stayed in corpse pose longer than usual and I finally started to "melt" and to evaporate! I could feel myself evaporating. It was really, really cool. If that's what death will be like, hurray!