Monday, June 7, 2010

The game of yoga

We did a lot of work on adjustments today (much easier for me to grasp than our discussion of the Sankhya Karika dualistic philosophy, hah).

My favorite was the “sacral boot” (easy for the adjuster to do, and feels great for the adjustee):

During our lunch break a few of us went to a field for Acroyoga – WOW! A whole new way of moving, feeling, thinking… I LOVED it.

While we were playing, a guy came up to us and told us about "Synergy” where they bring Acroyoga to communities that don’t have access to/can’t afford yoga. He said it works as a great community-building activity. I LOVE this idea! How about bringing THAT to high schools in Philly?! 

And finally, wisdom from Richard today on the “game” of yoga:

“Yoga is a game. You think ‘If I can just grab my toe, then I will be happy.’ So you work and work and finally grab your toe. But you’re still not happy. Then you think, “Ok, if I can get my elbow to my toe, then I’ll be happy.’ You work for 10 years and finally bring your elbow to your toe... but you're still not happy. (Your armpit to your toe, your ear to toe, etc… still not happy). Yoga simplifies the way our minds work. It reveals the emptiness. We see the games our minds play.”

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