Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Designed to be difficult

We started the day again by slowly going through the first few standing postures. Richard joked: “My goal is to make yoga so boring, that sitting meditation becomes exciting.”

And gosh, sitting meditation is definitely something I need to work on. We had our first session at the Boulder Shambhala Center today. 

The whole point is to become more mindful of our thoughts. Unfortunately, my thoughts today were dominated by: This is uncomfortable. My left leg is completely numb. These might be the worst pins and needles I've ever had. I can't wiggle my toes. Please ring the bell soon. I think I might be having a panic attack. Why can't I just sit still. Do people seriously do this for days at a time...

Ughhhh!! I hope I get better at this!

Richard explained that this practice is designed to get us out of our habits and routines. It is designed to be difficult. It is the foundation for doing all other yoga correctly. And yes, it is humiliating! He said:

“Yoga is the most embarrassing thing. It is the unfolding of your mental process. It is embarrassing because we see we have an infinitely big ego that is unlimitedly stupid.”

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  1. That is such a great post. I have been sitting with 'yoga as design' since arriving in the RISD world. Seeing/meaning changes with every new experience....