Monday, May 17, 2010

The yoga home

There’s a lot of talk among doctors and policy-makers about creating the “medical home” – where each person would have a primary care doctor to provide comprehensive medical care.

This has got me thinking about the idea of the “yoga home” – where each individual would have access to a yoga teacher and a community for health and wellness.

One way of working towards this is by offering yoga in schools. It seems that teachers/schools can be more effective than doctors/health clinics at making lifestyle change and preventing illness. A few reasons why: 
  • Kids go to school every day, for most of the day. 
  • Kids eat a lot of food and snacks at school. 
  • Schools are places of learning (both in and out of the classroom). 
  • Childhood/adolescence is when we develop many of our life habits and goals.
  • Teachers know their students: they know what drives them, what bores them, what they think about, who they spend their time with, and what they go home to.
This "yoga home" wouldn't have to be limited to students in the schools, but would be for anyone and everyone in the community: teachers, administrators, parents, community members, etc. 

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