Monday, May 31, 2010

Settling in

I made it! I’ve been settling in, grocery shopping, exploring Boulder, hanging out with my roommate (who flew in from Croatia!)...  and tomorrow we start!

I’m usually a goal-oriented person but I’m trying not to set too many goals or expectations for the month. I really just want to be completely present and soak it all in.

Besides yoga, it looks like I’ll also be learning quite a bit about rolfing and cooking while I’m here. Two of my roommates are rolfers and the woman who owns the house is a caterer (she’s been making me the most incredible raw kale salads…. YUM).

This is what is on the agenda for tonight:
Lots of reading to do... 


  1. Fun! What teacher training are you doing? pretty blog, by the way.

  2. Someone from Croatia, two rolfers, and a caterer ... sounds like characters in a novel -- or the makings of an interesting month. Best wishes to you.

    Jim Purdy
    The 50 Best Health Blogs

  3. exciting picture of amazing tomes! in the navajo healing ceremony traditions the circle began when you set your intention to be there fully ... thanks for your sharing these inspiring yogi moments!

  4. dear Christina
    an entire month? wow. that said, Richard is my teacher SevenPetalLotus' main teacher in the west. i'm referring to my teacher back in San Fran. so i think i absorved some of Richard's teaching. but now i'm in China, so i have a different teacher. enjoy the training.