Sunday, February 7, 2010

Struggles with self-practice

No community practice this morning (too much snow). Why is self-practice so hard? There is something powerful about having people practicing around me, or knowing a teacher is watching me.  

This is something to think about when healthcare providers are encouraging patients to make lifestyle change and develop new health-habits. There is power and strength in community.
“There can be no vulnerability without risk; there can be no community without vulnerability; there can be no peace, and ultimately no life, without community.” ~M. Scott Peck


  1. Christina...I was so glad to see your post. Not, of course, because you were struggling, but because we seem to be sharing the same question this morning. Self-practice...mine was especially difficult, too. And then to see your quote by Peck (I loved his book)...wonderful. See you tomorrow...

  2. I too had a difficult self practice this morning. (Probably doesn't surprise since you read my post a couple of days ago.) In fact my "practice" this morning consisted of focusing really hard on not eating another piece of french toast. Anyway, I'm excited to get back tomorrow too.

  3. Christina,

    I have met many students this trip who, like me, have a "at home practice." It has been not a shock that (not just me) these indivuals have really strong practices, focused and intense.

    Sometimes I read things your blog title I read it as ,"snuggles with self-practice."

    Remember yoga is many things but mostly a mind set/mind can be that simple...snuggle replaces struggle.

    Snuggle ON!



  4. Snuggle with practice, I like that. Thanks, Jill :) You are right, it is definitely a mind set.

    Rebecca, I love his book too! I think it's time to re-read it though... I haven't looked at it since high school!

  5. Self Practice

    Snow day
    5A, 4B
    standing and finishing
    home alone with company
    thank you Beethoven for the 9th

    -Adam pretending to be Predator