Monday, February 8, 2010

The minimalism of no addictions

I thought these “simplicity living tips” from the Becoming Minimalist blog were excellent.

In light of my coffee detox, this one is particularly relevant to me right now:
"Reject anything that is producing an addiction in you. Refuse to be a slave to anything: coffee, cigarettes, soda, television, chocolate, alcohol… "
Even though the denial of coffee over the past few mornings has left me tight, tired, and bored during practice, I’m sticking with morning tea for the time being.

I’m also continuing my sugar-weaning (those dark chocolate-covered almonds waiting for me in the kitchen make this nearly impossible).


  1. hi Christina
    for me, the detox that needs to happen is peanut butter. i don't buy it, but the caretaker of the apartment i live in does. i think my diet is devoid of fats except when i eat out once a week, so peanut butter is my source of dietary fat. but i know it has hydrogenated oils, salt and sugar and all of that is bad for me. i know where to find smuckers unsalted just peanuts peanut butter here (at twice the price of back in the US) but i have not bought it. but it seems like a good mantra - avoid anything that causes an addiction in you.

  2. Hey Arturo,
    ooh I know the feeling, and peanut butter is a hard one to avoid. But yeah, try to get the peanut butter with no salt or sugar -- then you don't have to stop yourself! Not allowing these things in our kitchens would help too... no more buying chocolate covered almonds for me :)