Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Passionately curious

I love this idea:

“I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.”
~Albert Einstein

But how do we cultivate passionate curiosity (in ourselves, our patients, our students)?

I’ve been in a bit of curiosity lull, which I am attributing to the busyness of being back in school (lectures and small group discussions all day, assignments, research work and meetings, emails to catch up on, etc)...

It’s hard to feel curious when my time is cluttered, my mind scattered, and I am exhausted.


  1. i totally identify with the cluttered mind problem!

    one way i try to stay curious is to use my time in transit (on the bus, walking etc) to listen to either NPR or non-fiction books on tape. it helps me feel like a more dynamic student, rather then just a student of science.

    i hope someday, it will make me a better doctor!

  2. Ooh yes, thank you Annie! I love that idea. I find that when I have time to walk to school and listen to podcasts or music it really helps. That is something I miss when I bike... even though biking saves me time, it can leave me unsettled.

    and YES, I definitely agree that having some non-science time will make you a better doctor!