Saturday, February 20, 2010

An art and a science

I’m reading Yoga: A Gem for Women, and I love how Geeta Iyengar describes yoga as both an art and a science (similar to the practice of medicine). She writes:
Is Yoga an Art?

Living is an art. Yoga enhances the quality of one’s life. Hence it is an art. It lifts up one’s thoughts and enables one to face life’s difficult situations happily and with equanimity; it teaches one to strive to achieve a goal in life; to cultivate friendliness, concentration, piety, contentment, joy, and to discard what is non-essential; to cultivate good habits and to lead a righteous life. Yoga is disciplined action to achieve and attain final emancipation.

Is Yoga a Science?

The science of Yoga consists of acquiring knowledge through observation and experiment. It is a science which deals with the body and the mind, whereby the rhythm of the mind is conquered by controlling the body. Through the practice of Yoga the health and strength of the body and the mind are acquired. Only when a state of equilibrium is reached between the body and the mind, does one become fit for Self-realization. The science of Yoga teaches one to attain this harmony in a skillful and systematic way.


  1. christina, thanks for this. you rock.

  2. also, are you enjoying the book? ive been thinking about buying it for quite some time.

  3. Hey Amanda!

    Yes I am enjoying it very much... and learning some insights into BKS Iyengar from her as well.

    I'm borrowing it from Caitlin but maybe I can pass it on to you to borrow after I'm done?

  4. yes~ ask her. then let me know. maybe i'll come to a y2 practice as the weather gets warmer soon.