Monday, October 11, 2010

Yoga is freedom.

While googling "Ashtanga yoga in Seattle" (I head there next month for a conference and cannot wait to check out the mysore scene), I came across this wonderful quote by Richard Freeman (thanks to Troy Lucero's website):

Yoga is freedom. It’s freedom from the fear of not knowing who you are. It’s freedom from having to present a face that isn’t your true face. It’s freedom from pretending to believe in something that you really don’t know to be true. It’s the return to the present moment, to the natural mind, to the state of complete happiness.”   
~Richard Freeman

If hungry for more, check out his new book!


  1. I am loving the book, it is sending me really deep, wrote two posts on it already. I was kind of hoping it would be new material rather than being so similar to "The Yoga Matrix" but then, at the end of the day, I am very happy to have all the ideas in text form, which is easier for reference. All that part in chapter 2 or 3 where he talks about connecting with the root chackra as we inhale and with the top of the head as we exhale and the energy goes down has gotten me to change the focuso of practice, to try to connect with this center point in the navel where they convey... it is sooo interesting!

  2. Claudia, so good to hear from you and glad to hear that you like Freeman's book. I just started it and have only got through chapter 1... it's the kind of book I have to read really slowly and carefully, and something I'll always want on my bookshelf to reference!

  3. Christina, I'm so happy you're coming to Seattle! I look forward to seeing you at Mysore...and Troy is looking forward to meeting you. We'd love to have you over for some acro fun and maybe dinner if you have time.
    ps. I love your blog and have been reading it regularly. Very thought-provoking and wonderful ideas. See you soon!

  4. Hi Lia!!! So nice to hear from you and I am SO excited to visit Seattle and practice with you and Troy! I would LOVE to do some acro yoga/dinner! I'll email you with details... see you soon!!