Saturday, April 10, 2010


Our garden is slowly growing!

Weekend project: make a compost bin.

It seems pretty easy (thanks to another useful wikiHow!):
  • Get a plastic bin with tight lid (to keep bugs out and soil moist)
  • Drill 8-10 small holes in the bottom and 8-10 small holes in lid (for aeration)
  • Put some shredded newspaper or dry leaves at the bottom, fill ~1/8-1/4 full
  • Place dirt on top of the newspaper/leaves until bin is 1/2 full
  • Keep compost bin in a shady area
  • Place food scraps/paper products in compost bin
  • Cover food scraps with dirt
  • Stir bin every other day (keep moist with water if needed)
  • Within 2-3 months, you can use compost to cover flower beds, pot soil, sprinkle on grass, etc!


  1. Do you compost coffee grounds? A coffee shop near my office gives away it's used grounds for composting. it seems like it would make it smell good!

  2. Yeah we did put them in! Not sure it makes it smell much better though... maybe I should try putting in more.