Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Yin yoga

I’m still processing the Yin Yoga class that I went to last night. It was completely different from the Ashtanga practice. The teacher talked the entire class, about nadis and chakras and opening up our connective tissue to let prana flow (prana = energy, life force). Her voice was calm and soothing and nonjudgmental, and I found it incredibly relaxing. We did a total of about 8 poses, holding each for ~4-5 minutes (surprisingly hard to be still for that long). The idea is to relax into the position and allow gravity to take you deeper.

The idea behind yin yoga is that it works on the deeper connective tissue and joints, while hatha/vinyasa yoga (the yang of yin yoga) works more on muscles. Yin yoga can be practiced in addition to our regular practice, and can help increase flexibility when muscles reach their limits.

Nadis and chakras are concepts I still have a hard time grasping but they pique my curiosity… for another post another time.

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