Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Back practicing in Philly

Finally! It's amazing how the ashtanga community has grown over the past few years. When I first moved here I would bike down to old city every morning to practice (it was usually just myself, Adam, and maybe one or two others). That place closed and there was no other mysore class in the entire city, so I practiced on my own in my little apartment the rest of that year (not very successfully). Karen opened Yoga Squared the summer after my first year and at first I would often be the only one practicing. But the community has been gradually growing and now over twenty of us squeeze next to each other with just a few inches between our mats... it's sweaty and stinky and I LOVE it.

David Garrigues is a great teacher and he's making me think about a lot of things... breath, bandhas, jumping back. I'm trying to study for my board exam tomorrow (I think this is my last exam of medical school) but I can't stop daydreaming about kapotasana. I dread it and long for it at the same time.


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